9 Runway Looks that Prove Fashion is Art
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If you follow fashion, you’ll quickly realize that not all runway looks are wearable. But if you truly appreciate fashion, you’ll simultaneously realize that that’s because fashion is far more than the creation of everyday outfits—it’s an art form with ingenious power, capable of putting an entire audience in awe. Like film, architecture, and so much more, the field of fashion is the birthplace of incredible art and designers with unreal talent, and we’ve got the evidence to prove it.

1. Alexander McQueen, Fall 2012

Soft and voluptuous, these dresses look fairy-esque and magical. Those pastels and ruffles could inspire any garden party, and we’d die to get our hands on that surreal fabric.

2. Dolce & Gabbana, Fall/Winter 2014

Each outfit, shoe, and handbag ingeniously brings museum walls to life in this mosaic-inspired collection. The intricacy and precision in these breathtaking designs is truly awe-inspiring.

3. Rei Kawakubo, Fall 2009

Architectural and gravity-defying, we can’t take our eyes away from these tattered tulle show-stoppers. True art is meant to say something, and we’re dying to know what Kawakubo was trying to get across with these profound designs.

4. Alexandra McQueen, Spring/Summer 1998

We’re absolutely haunted by this image. During this legendary show, models adorned in ethereal whites were enveloped in runway rain, resulting in an incredibly dreamy and chillingly surreal performance. We’re honestly speechless.

5. Iris Van Herpen, Fall/Winter 2011

What’s most incredible about this dress is that those jagged, sharp edges appear wonderfully wispy from a glance. Made with a 3D printer, this piece proves that art, science, and fashion can blend beautifully.

6. Iris Van Herpen, Spring/Summer 2013

Futuristic and daring, this 3D printer piece resembles a cascade of gemstones. The unique structure and shimmering spikes are terrifyingly gorgeous—bet you never thought we’d use those two adjectives together!

7. Alexander McQueen, Spring/Summer 2010

These “Armadillo Shoes” caused quite a stir on McQueen’s runway when models refused to wear them in fear of their outrageous (and dangerous) proportions. We completely agree that these shoes aren’t viable heels. That’s because they’re a work of art that only a total artistic mastermind could conjure up.

8. Delpozo, Spring 2015

Another piece straight out of a modern fairy-tale, we’re mystified by the flora that appears to be floating in a sea of airy teal and gold. This model has been transformed into a living whirlwind of leaves and we’re loving every second of it.

9. Chanel, Spring/Summer 2009

Headgear is always an incredibly breathtaking addition to runway shows, and this Chanel piece is no exception. This statuesque sculpture is angelic and goddess-worthy, stunningly combining intricate structure and pure, dusty whites.

All in all, fashion is an incredibly artistic medium that inspires, excites, and provokes. We’re consistently impressed by the genius that exists on global runways, and like these memorable runway looks, our appreciation for incredibly creative designers will never fade.

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