How to Make an Adult Minion Halloween Costume in Minutes
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It’s almost October, which means we have one thing (and one thing only) on the brain: Halloween. You know, that special day of the year when we have the perfect excuse to be whoever we want to be, like Katy Perry, the Grand Budapest Hotel cast or even a colorful flamingo for one night! So today we’re going to show you the cutest DIY costume ever. Have no idea? Looking for a clue? Banana is the key word!

Materials + Tools for the Minions goggles:
– 2 large rolls masking tape
– super glue
– 15 inches elastic
– gray acrylic
– paint brush

1. Use the super glue to adhere the rolls of tape together.
2. Then complete the goggles by gluing the elastic in place as shown in the picture below.
3. Once the glue is completely dry, paint the frames with your gray acrylic. Let that dry as well.

Minions have big, chunky goggles, so this is the first part of the costume we’re going to make. Start by gluing your rolls of tape together in the middle. I used super glue, but you can definitely use hot glue as well. Then take your elastic and glue it to the goggles. Finally, paint the frames with a gray or silver color and you’re finished.

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Materials + Tools for the Minions beanie:
– 13 x 13-inch piece of yellow stretchy fabric
– matching thread
– 40 inches black cord
– fabric scissors
– tailor’s chalk
– pins
– sewing machine
– beanie

1. Fold you fabric in half.
2. Pin your fabric in place, then take your old beanie and use it as a guide to trace the outline.
3. Leave an extra inch to account for the seam, then cut.
4. Use your sewing machine to sew along the outline of the beanie, but leave the bottom part open for the head.
5. At this point, fold the bottom edge as shown below and sew.
6. Cut a little hole in the upper part of your beanie.
7. Take your cord and fold it twice, then cut four equal pieces.
8. Stick the cord pieces through the beanie hole (that’s the Minion’s hair).
9. Turn your beanie right side out and you’re done.

I wasn’t able to find a yellow beanie, so I decided to make my own. First, take your yellow fabric and fold it in half. Just in case your fabric has different sides, be sure that the wrong side is facing you. Then pin your fabric and use tailor’s chalk to trace an exaggerated outline of your old beanie, accounting for the seam. Now, slowly sew your beanie using a medium to small stitch. But remember not to sew the head hole closed.

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Fold around one inch of the bottom edge, pin it and sew. Now it’s time to add the Minion’s hair. Take your beanie and cut a little hole in the top. Then fold your cord twice and cut four pieces. Stick them through, turn the beanie right side out and you’re good to go!

Complete the look with a yellow t-shirt, a denim jumpsuit (or dress) and a pair of black gloves. Ta-da! You’re ready to rule the world (or eat bananas all day long) alongside your despicable boss.

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