7 Easy Wardrobe Swaps To Make This Winter
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If “bleh” is the first word (er, noise?) that comes to mind when you picture your typical winter wardrobe, you’re not alone. Around this time of year, getting dressed can start to feel pretty repetitive: a tried-and-true parka, a blanket scarf that’s fraying at the ends (not intentionally), and a pair of duck boots everyone and their mother swears by, even if they don’t look that cool. And though it may be practical and effective, this drab-drobe (patent pending) could certainly use a little freshening up.

Since cold-weather items that actually hold up can cost a lot, rather than overhauling your closet completely, focus on these seven easy replacements instead. From ski pants that look like a slim set of flared jeans to sneakers that can handle almost any weather situation, the pieces ahead will make dressing for the cold way less dull. Click on for the swaps to make, ASAP.

Instead of: An oversized parka
Try: A puffed-up bomber jacket

Forget transforming yourself into a waddling penguin. Instead, opt for a piece that’s both forward-looking and functional, like a faux-fur lined womens puffer coat; it’s not just warm, but works for day and night, too.

Instead of: Heat-tech leggings
Try: Patent pants

Every winter, we start to get a little more sporty with our clothing to avoid the inevitable frustration of sitting in wet pants all day. This time around, grab a pair of patent pants that will deflect water and look seriously cool.

Instead of: Your typical infinity scarf
Try: A knit snood

Leave the fuss of dragging a long scarf behind in favor of a more compact (but just as cozy) piece. It’s easy to tote around, simple to style, and totally wind-proof.

Instead Of: Knee-high boots
Try: Over-the-knee boots

These faux-suede steppers will keep you warm sans tights as they zip up just above the knee.

Instead of: A camel trench coat
Try: A bold quilted robe coat

Your thick women’s trench coat is likely starting to see some wear and tear by now, anyway. Fulfill your promise to yourself to add a little more color to your winter gear this year with a fun, quilted version. Seriously, how sleek is this one?

Instead of: Tights you wear under your jeans
Try: Ski pants you can wear IRL

These quilted, flared ski pants look just as good on the streets as they do on the slopes. Get all the benefits of snow gear, like an insulated interior and flexible fabric, without feeling the constriction of two or more layers.

Instead of: Another cable knit sweater
Try: A thick, cozy turtleneck

You probably own enough cable knit sweaters to wear one every single day of the week. Veer off that path with a thick turtleneck sweater that has a fun trend or two (like these extra-long sleeves).

Instead of: Your third pair of duck boots
Try: A weather-proof sneaker

Vans are the current sneaker of choice in the fashion universe. A weatherized version that can withstand snow makes us love them even more.

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