3 Effortless Ways to Update Your Wardrobe with Winter Fashion Trends
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With the change of seasons comes a chance to update our wardrobe and refresh them with hard-working staples to get us through the cold months. The good news is that these closet updates don’t need to cost a bundle as there are some little tricks that can switch up your look. So, keep on reading for the 3 effortless ways to update your wardrobe with winter fashion trends.

1. Update your coats on a budget.

According to style expert Sandra Pittana, you can change up your old coats by simply changing its buttons. “If you wear a button-up women’s wool coat, I would consider visiting a fabric or second-hand store for an update of either vintage or new buttons,” says Pittana. “Although you won’t be able to change the size of the buttons, because the existing buttonhole predetermines that, you can certainly change the color and probably improve on the quality of what is already there.” If you have fur coats that can’t be updated by changing buttons, simply belt them like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic did, making your coat in a great shape while looking trendy at the same time. On the other hand, if have a down-filled womens puffer coat with a zip closure, update the look by adding great fur accessories.

2. Keep shoes, boots, and handbag in good condition.

According to Pittana, shoe and boot protection begins with a good leather or suede protector to ward off salt and slush stains. “Round up your winter footwear before the first snowfall and give your shoes and boots a conditioning polish first, and then a few coats of protectant spray to get them ready for the harsh conditions.” The time you put into taking care of your leather and suede items determines the longevity of them, so repeat these steps every few weeks during the winter to keep your them in top condition for years to come.

3. Make the most of the winter accessories.

Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you may go for a fur scarf that’s timeless and fun. “This is all about treating fur as any other fabric accessory, except that it offers the look of luxury purely because of its rich, soft texture,” says Pittana. You may also go for infinity scarves or “snoods” if fur is not your thing. You can actually look for printed infinity scarves that you can wrap two or three times around your neck. A great thing, infinity scarves make tying troubles nearly obsolete as it’s impossible to wear this chic scarf style the wrong way. Also, wide belts can be great to polish your bulky outfit. Just look for the wide belt to slimmer the body. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to update your winter closet with a few tweaks that will give new life to items you already own.

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