Reviews and Ratings for Wireless Headphones PaMu Slide
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Reviews and Ratings for Wireless Headphones PaMu Slide

It is the best-selling brand on Indiegogo, PaMu Slide is a brand new Bluetooth earphones. It owes its success to countless qualities that will make you throw away your old wired earphones.

I received a new wireless earphones few days ago . I tended to leave my wired earphones on the floor and walk on them. So we needed another option and this one more modern, more technical.

PaMu Slide gives your wired headphones an old look. Indeed, everything rests on its chip. It offers better sound quality, lower power consumption and a more stable signal connection. It is much more sophisticated and we like its lightness. Farewell bulky threads!

The Padmate company collaborated with the engineers of the American company Qualcomm, which specializes in the design and implementation of telecommunication solutions to enhance the sound quality and reliability. PaMu’s technical prowess to make it one of the best wireless headphones on the market. PaMu Slide’s core processor is Qualcomm QCC3020, far better than many others.

Tidy in its box, headphones are available and better yet, this box can also charge your cellphone. Convenient when you do not have a portable power charge. We load the case that has a rather nice design, it will recharge your phone when you need it, especially your Bluetooth earphones. It’s pretty cool, because no annoying cables, tangled, better than the helmet because lighter and less bulky.

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