PaMu Slide Earbud Review
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PaMu Slide Earbud Review

Today we’re going to review the PaMu slide earbuds, brand-new earbuds that from the company called Padmate. Back in October, they sent me the Pamu scroll earbuds and I reviewed them. I use them all the time until about a week ago when they sent me the pamu slide. Like something about the guise, they like naming the products after the way the case works. PaMu scroll is kind of opens up like an old-fashioned scroll, and the slide is just slides right open to reveal the earbuds. So, you can notice pamu slide has a little different looking than the earbuds for the scroll. Here, I tell you what they’re very good for the money. Now, it’s another IndieGoGo campaign for the $49, it is the IndieGoGo campaign price, and after the crowdfunding, the price it’s gonna be $199.

PaMu Slide Earbud Review

Bluetooth 5.0, Qualcomm qcc 3020 chip which is the most advanced for true wireless headphones. Its IPX6 water-resistant, and 10 hours playtiem for each signle charge. And the case it will give you another 5 time charges for your earbuds. So, that’s like what once you get them all the way to charge up against 50 hours. There’s microphone on each one of those earbuds, and the touch control also available. You tap it once to play or pause on either one of the earbuds, double tap it to decline a call or getting a phone call on the right earbuds. Double tap on the left side to activate your voice assistant Siri or whatever. Double tap on the right side to the next track when you’re listening to music, long pressed the left side to increase your volume, long press the right side to decrease your volume.

I’ve been using these for about a week, they’re very comfortable, and the sound quality is just stellar, the stereo separation is really good(depending on the songs you listening to). It sounds like you’re in the concert hall or like you listen to a high-fidelity recording somewhere because it it’s just very good. It charges up pretty easily and it’s available with a wireless charger. So if your phone is equipped with that you just set your phone on top of it and you can charge your phone as well.

I really am very much enjoying this, the quality of the microphone is very good, people have no trouble understanding me when I’m talking on the phone using them. Siri understands me when I call her out using the the pamu slide, really like them. When the earbuds done charging, it will flash in white. It case charging using the USB. But I did not purchase these , they were provided to me for the purpose of this review, but I am very very happy with the pamu slide earbuds. No fatigue listening, they’re comfortable for long extended periods of listening, just a wonderful wonderful product.

we can find out more about it on the IndieGoGo campaign maybe order one for yourself.

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