PaMu Slide, The Better TWS In-ear Headphones Thank PaMu Scroll
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PaMu Slide, The Better TWS In-ear Headphones Thank PaMu Scroll

The PaMu Slides are the next version of the PaMu Scrolls. The famous in-ear headphones are getting better. But don’t compare them with AirPods.

When I read online reviews and watch videos on YouTube, I always notice a combination of any product with Apple earphones, or Apple AirPods. The same fate has obviously been given to the new PaMu Slide.

I still remember those clickbait titles from voltastomaco (allow me the term) like “throw those AirPods” or things like that, whose only purpose is to attract clicks.

But you know, in this world to emerge it also needs this and in a sense we also try to understand them. But you know our goal is something else. In other words, to really tell you how these PaMu Slides go, as we did with the PaMU Scroll.

PaMu Slide, The Better TWS In-ear Headphones Thank PaMu Scroll


I will never understand the people who compare a scooter with a motorcycle as I will never understand those who claim to compare in-ear headphones with normal AirPods style headphones from Apple.

The PaMu Slide are in-ear headphones that have nothing to do with AirPods. Put it in your head, because if you have a chance to try them you will understand from you that they are another world, each with its pros and cons.

That said, let’s start with the actual review.


It’s called Qualcomm QCC3020 and is the best and most advanced stereo wireless headphone chip.

What does this mean? Simply connection stability. If with the PaMu Scroll rarely happened that the connection jumped, with the PaMu Slide it never happens. It has been a month since I use them frequently with long listening sessions and I can assure you that I never saw them lose their connection.

They are independent, so we can take one out and use only that one. They are very fast, in the sense that as soon as they are pulled out they are immediately connected. Really a remarkable step forward.

Who owns a device with Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX will also benefit from a reduced lag that is almost absent. For all the others the lag (highlighted in particular in the video display) is evident, but due to technological limitations of the device in our possession, certainly not because of the PaMu Slide.


These PaMu Slides are sold in two variants: with case that allows you to charge another device via wireless or with a case that can be recharged via wireless but does not have the dual function of wireless reverse charge.

With the most expensive variant (about $69 with shipping) we can then charge our smartphone (with support for wireless charging) simply by placing it on the headphone case. Obviously we can also do the opposite, that is to charge the headphones using our smartphone if we have a Galaxy S10 or a Huawei P30, both with reverse wireless charging support.

PaMu Slide, The Better TWS In-ear Headphones Thank PaMu Scroll

But the most important thing is that now the PaMu Slide have integrated wireless charging (even the basic model with $49 shipping included), without having to buy some inconvenient adapters as they did with the PaMu Scrolls.

The case is large and large not only for this: the battery is in fact now 2000 mAh. A real portable powerbank for any emergency that allows us, eventually, to charge our smartphone to arrive in the evening.

However I would have preferred a smaller case. Something that Padmate has done among other things, with headphones unknown to most but sold on their official website Moldac. They are called Padmate Tempo T5 and are similar, if not identical, to the PaMu Scrolls.

PaMu Slide, The Better TWS In-ear Headphones Thank PaMu Scroll

N.B. The magnet that keeps the headphones attached to the case is much improved. You can put them in your backpack or bag and you won’t have to worry, they will always stay fixed and in charge!


I admit, I was a privileged person because I had the opportunity to try them in preview as soon as I left the factory in that of Xiamen.

However I decided not to publish videos or preview articles for a simple reason: I would have spoken well, perhaps too much, taken up by just enthusiasm.

I then decided to wait to receive them officially at home, try them for a month with my classic usage (train, ride, iPad) and then talk about it here calmly.

With all sincerity I tell you: the sound is better than the PaMu Scrolls, but there is not that leap in quality that I expected. Visiting the factory in China they showed me how, through the software dedicated to sound analysis, they are even better than the Apple AirPods (aridaje, they too that fall for it).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same effect on a personal level. Indeed, I will tell you more. I found the silicone rubber pads inside the PaMu Slide packaging yes more comfortable but also more difficult to “fit” in my ear than those of the PaMu Scrolls.

Let me explain better: with the previous ones I was able to close the auricle well getting the desired effect from anyone who uses the in-ear and at the same time hated by those who can’t stand them.

Do you know that vacuum feeling? Here, to many it bothers but is necessary to perceive the sound quality of this type of headphones. If we accept it, there will be no history with normal AirPods headphones, for obvious physical reasons.

Once these PauMu slides are inserted into the ear they will make you scream with joy and think “how have I done up until now?”. In fact, as soon as you put them on your ear, they go to the seat. Too bad that for some, like me, this is not enough.

In this way the ear canal will not be well capped and the sound will be equal to those headphones that they give on the plane. It will be necessary to make a half moon by lightly pressing towards the ear so as to insert a hair more deeply. Now the sound will be spatial and more than good for most of you. At the same time, however, comfort will be lower and equal to that of many other in-ears. In short, we are point and head.

Unfortunately, no company has yet realized that it should also include memory foam pads like these.

Let me be clear, this aspect is entirely personal, and it must be said that these PaMu Slides are definitely more comfortable than the Pamu Scrolls. But even if these rubber pads have made me damn well, they could be perfect for your ears. So take what I told you with pliers.

Leaving aside this aspect, I must say that the pleasure of listening is at the level of the PaMu Scrolls, perhaps a little bit more thanks to the better comfort and stability.

N.B. I did not like the voice signal we receive on the connected headphones to indicate that the headphones are connected once they are taken out of the case. The same applies to the annoying beep received every time we pause or play a song. Too high and too annoying. Excellent instead the possibility to raise and lower the volume by keeping your finger on the right cuff (to raise) or left (to lower) for a few seconds.


A big negative for PaMu Scrolls? The microphone. Definitely subdued and very problematic in many cases of use.

I don’t understand who says headphones are made just to listen to music. These earphones are ideal for use as a single in-car headset for calls, but also for calling while we are walking or on the train. What would be the point of removing them, disconnecting them and then answering the call?

Therefore the performance of the microphone is in my opinion very important.

If we call in a quiet place there will be no problems, our interlocutor will hear us better than the PaMu Scrolls thanks to the microphone now closer to the mouth.

Unfortunately, the problem of noisy environments remains, to my surprise. I expected a clear step forward in this respect, but it remains very difficult to call in noisy environments such as roads, trains, stations.

Personally when I call I am always in one of these three environments and I admit that I prefer to remove them so as not to curse my interlocutor, who will feel really bad due to the failure to suppress the noises.


The battery is simply endless. Even leaving the case at home you can safely cover a day of listening! The headphones alone are capable of exceeding seven hours of continuous music reproduction, even reaching nine hours with low volume.

The case is also excellent. If previously I told you that the dimensions unfortunately are important, as well as the weight, I must also admit that in a month I only downloaded one notch out of four. This result is truly incredible, which for me is unparalleled.


When the PaMu Scrolls came out there weren’t many competitors out there. At the price of $49 it was not better. Today, on the release date of these PaMu Slides, there are several competitors.

It must be considered that the price, including shipping, is equal to $49 ($69 if you want them with wireless reverse charge). Apart from the fact that the guarantee is obviously absent, it must be considered that the competitors in this price range are not lacking, including 1More and Xiaomi.

Having said this, I can assure you that a lot of quality tests are carried out within Padmate and each earphone is tested and verified before shipment. I tell you this because I saw it with my own eyes.


The answer is it depends. As I told you in my ear, which is perfectly suited to Apple’s AirPods, just to give you a yardstick, they are not exactly ideal. They are very comfortable, much more comfortable than the PaMu Scroll, but those rubber pads with which they are sent do not do it justice.

The solution is to buy memory foam rubber pads that are better suited to our ears and will better cover the ear canal, creating the much desired noise suppression.

For the rest they are an update of the already excellent PaMu Scrolls, with an audio rich in bass, mediocre but decent highs and definitely more stable on the ear.

And then there is that unbeatable battery.

In short, it depends on you. Do your analysis, because if there were only them before, today there is no lack of competitors. Especially at the price of $49 (we don’t even consider the $159 at the end of the campaign, price out of any market logic).

N.B. The final grade is compared to the price, as always. At an increased price and in the face of various competitors, the vote could be lower than that of the PaMu Scroll in certain aspects, when in reality it is not so in direct comparison.

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