PaMu Scroll Wireless Earphones With Bluetooth 5.0
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PaMu Scroll Wireless Earphones With Bluetooth 5.0

In the current booming trend of true wireless headphones, everyone wants to own a headset that is both compact and convenient, both perfect in sound and technology. There have been many big companies to produce such earphones such as Apple, Bose, Sony … but with a high price, many people are still afraid of not being able to own. Padmate, the new company that has released its own true wireless line with full advantages of design, sound, technology and specials, which are also quite cheap to meet users. With the success of the Pamu X13, Padmate continued to market a much more complete new product, Pamu Scroll, which successfully raised funds with an impressive amount of more than $ 3 million on indiegogo.

Why is Pamu Scroll is so hot and so popular among audio lovers around the world?

First, the Pamu Scroll’s best attraction is probably the perfect unique design, with a distinctive handmade style than any headphones.

PaMu Scroll: Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones with an Attractive Price

The case has a hard plastic cylindrical shape, the outer cover is a leather layer designed to curl up and close the plastic box, as you are opening a secret roll from the time of martial arts far away, really interesting. The leather is subtly handled and meticulously treated with a unique surface with a unique texture, inside the rough leather.

There are 4 color versions for users to choose from: Rock’n’Roll, Graphene, Glory Edition, Sakura.

PaMu Scroll Wireless Earphones With Bluetooth 5.0

Each color is a separate motif design, users can choose according to their own personality and preferences

Graphene: this is a dark blue version with iridescent skin like extremely eye-catching fish scales. If you take it out in the sun, it is really eye catching but everyone must be curious.

Rock’nRoll: Gray-brown version, vignettes are scrawny lines like lightning, skin surface is polished and metallic dust, creating a sleek and water-repellent appearance.

Glory Edition: Dark brown version with a leather-like design that is very eye-catching.

Sakura: this is a female version with the color as the name, light pink as the Japanese peach petals, the earpiece and the charger box are also different pink and white colors that women who look will be especially loved prefer. It is both a headset and a nice decorative accessory.


About the design of the box lid, the skin is decorated with plastic bar with 3D diamond vein embossed pattern, there is magnet that is tightly closed when the lid is closed, with Pamu logo imprinted stylized. Lines of fine finishing and identical color tones.

Next to the headphone case is the micro USB charging port located on the beautiful concentric ring. Led light indicating the blue battery status is cleverly hidden under the border around the charging port area.

PaMu Scroll Wireless Earphones With Bluetooth 5.0

When you open the skin cover, you will see that the ear tuber fits in the charging box, the ear’s housing is made entirely of plastic, the color tone of the case. Pamu Scroll ear buds are more complete than their Pamu X13 version of the size, which is more compact to fit the user’s headset. The ear tubing surface is surrounded around the copper color (for Sakura, the pink color) increases the aesthetics, divided into 2 areas that are lumped for touch manipulation and the shadowed area is where the recording mic port is located. . The side of the ear has a LED layout that informs the connection as well as the battery capacity when charging.

The inner part of the leather layer is roughed for a very comfortable hand feel, and some production is engraved. This skin should not allow impregnated liquids to avoid damage or odor.

Next we learn about Pamu scroll sound quality, with a price of less than 2 million VND whether its sound is okay!

According to the general evaluation of most users, Pamu Sroll’s sound quality is enough to please listeners. Its sound quality is quite soft, deep and easy to hear. The sound is quite lively and realistic.

The most prominent is the bass band, which is very solid and warm, if you like bass-like music like EDM, Pamu Scroll is sure to please you.

The mid range of headphones is not very prominent, relatively thick. The Treb strip is better than the Mid strip, quite easy to hear, not too high.

In general, Pamu Scroll does not bring perfect sound to true audio believers, but it satisfies the majority of users because the sound quality is quite suitable for all types of music. It is quite popular.

Finally, there will be outstanding technologies, the convenience and experience that Pamu Scroll brings.

Equipped with bluetooth 5.0 technology, Pamu Scroll for stable connection in a wide range, convenient when moving within the scope of operation (office, building ..) without affecting the connection or sound quality . Also, just open the case, pick up the ear to hear that the product will automatically be ready to connect to your source quickly. But it only connects to a single device, if you want to connect to another device you must disconnect from the previous device.

Pamu Scroll has a continuous battery life of about 3-4 hours, this is an acceptable level of use, in addition to the charger box will allow to fully charge the headset about 3 times, so you can feel secure to use with time More than 10 hours of battery. And it only takes about 2 hours to fully charge both the internal charger and headset. Whenever you are not using it, you put the earpiece in the charger box to always be fully charged. The Pamu Scroll also supports the wireless charging feature of the Pamu wireless receiver, which is sold separately, compatible with most wireless charging adapters today.

Headphones are also equipped with good sound insulation ability, in addition to being able to improve IPX6 water resistant ability, so you can practice sports without fear of damaged headphones when sweating , even go to small rain. Housing help design to fit snugly into the ear even when moving without fear of falling.

It is quite simple to manipulate the touch on the Pamu Scroll headset. You just need to tap once to play / stop the song or receive an incoming call. Touch 2 times to skip the post / activate Siri (IOS) or Google Assistant (Android) or reject the call. However, it is not possible to adjust the volume but to operate on the device, this is the limitation of headphones. Also, do not stop the lesson yourself if you take the headset out of your ear

The headset on the headset is quite good thanks to 2 mic. The sound of the conversation is also quite clear because of noise resistance. Convenient for everyone when traveling on the road need to hear the phone urgently. While not a conversation line, it is generally usable.

Technical specifications

  • Type: Wireless headset with Microphone attached
  • Connection: Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Response frequency: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 97 ± 2dB (SPL)
  • Transmission Range: 25m without obstacles
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Waterproof standard: IPX6


As True Wireless headset shopping demand is becoming more and more popular, more and more people will target “Ngon – Cheap – Cheap” product. The Pamu Scroll is such a headset. With a beautiful eye-catching appearance, user-friendly sound quality, convenient features and an affordable price, the Pamu scroll of course becomes the one who listens to True Wireless by many Vietnamese users in particular and The world generally welcomes, that’s why it’s HOT recently.

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