Solutions to treat an ingrown toenail
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Be careful, what seems like nothing at first can end in a severe infection. Ingrown nail on the foot or on the hand…We take care of it without delay.

Ingrown toenail on the foot

The problem most often affects the big toe: crushed or badly cut, the side of the nail grows under the skin instead of coming out normally. It can be caused by a too short or rounded cut, tight shoes or even a shock in a piece of furniture.

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What home treatments?

To treat an ingrown nail at its beginning, we try to soften the skin in water, to clear the edge of the nail that penetrates the toe and to protect the latter while it grows back.

The foot is immersed for 15 minutes in hot water with salts. Apply a disinfectant spray, dry, then very gently slide a small piece of cotton between the nail and the skin, for example a wooden stick. The pad should be changed morning and evening until the nail has grown back, and the area thoroughly disinfected each day.  

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