The nail art aquarium: a trend that is making the buzz
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Fervent defenders of animal protection, don’t panic! It’s not little Nemo that got stuck in a fingernail. Instead: sequins, microbeads, rhinestones, which float in gel to reproduce a snowball or aquarium effect, at the slightest movement. Keep reading!

To awaken the mermaid in you, get an “aquarium manicure kit” on the internet. Inside, hollow capsules and a syringe that will allow you to inject the small decorations as well as a liquid such as baby lotion or physiological saline. Then simply close the capsule with a modeling gel and stick it to the nail. All you have to do is shake your fingers to let the charm work.

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

The nail art aquarium can be worn as an “accent nail” or as a total look. The most fanciful, will also decorate their nails with accessories such as shells, pearls…

OK! Now that you have known the nail art aquarium, take your manicure kit into action! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have manicure tools. We have everything all you need in Maryton nail supply.

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