Beautiful hands in winter
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In winter, hands are exposed to cold and dry air. In addition, they are regularly in contact with irritants that damage them. Prevention is therefore very important because dry hands that are not sufficiently hydrated and nourished can give rise to small inconveniences.

What affects the beauty of the hands

And we often forget it, but the hands need as much care as our face. Repeated washing, washing up, handling detergents, DIY, gardening… they are constantly in demand. However, they are more fragile than you think! The skin as a whole is protected by the hydrolipidic film, a mixture of sebum and water, which forms a barrier against the outside. Bad luck, the hands have a low content of sebaceous glands, whereas they are the most exposed.

The enemies of the hands

  • The water. Avoid washing your hands too often and wipe them carefully, especially between the fingers, the preferred site of cracks. It is also better to wear rubber gloves during household chores to avoid contact with detergents, corrosives and drying agents.
  • Cold. It destroys the natural barrier of the skin, dries it out and also causes a contraction of the small capillaries. Result: redness appears. Hands also don’t like sudden temperature changes, which cause tingling.
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How to pamper your hands in winter

Spread nourishing cream or sweet almond oil and put on cotton gloves before going to bed. When you wake up, your hands are velvety. For those in a hurry: reusable moisturizing gloves. Wash your hands regularly with pH neutral soap. Then after having dried them properly, we use cream while massaging them. You can even use cotton gloves in the evening after brushing your hands with cream.

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