Nail art: The contouring technique
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There are endless nail art choices. One of the most fashionable at the moment is contouring. What is the laying technique for a perfect contour? Your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you the things about the contouring technique!

1. What is nail contouring?

This technique gives the illusion of thinner and longer nails by playing on the shadows. The idea is to draw the eye to the center of the nail by placing a dark color in the center and leaving the lightest shade on the edges.

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  • Tips for flawless contouring
  • Always make sure to clean your fingernails,
  • File your nails and sand them,
  • push back the cuticles,
  • Be meticulous, applied: the trick is in the finesse,
  • Choose your varnishes well: You have to choose colors that go together well and create contrast,
  • Opt for professional manicure set, especially the brushes.
  • Dry your varnish well: The ideal is to have a UV lamp,
  • Apply a top coat to keep your Nail Art longer and ensure maximum shine.
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3. Benefits of contouring

Contouring offers you a multitude of advantages:

  • An infinity of possible combinations,
  • A discreet and trendy manicure that can match your outfits,
  • Easy-to-do Nail Art without the inconvenience of gel or resin false nails,
  • The impression of having long fingers and thin nails of stars.

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