Is it possible to use semi-permanent varnish on short nails?
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Do you have short fingernails? Is it possible to use semi-permanent varnish on short nails? YES, semi-permanent varnish on short nails is quite possible. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you ideas!

4 tips for having beautiful short nails

  • Moisturize your short nails

To have beautiful short nails and to be able to adopt semi-permanent varnish, it is important to moisturize them well on a daily basis. You can apply cuticle care or even castor oil to make them grow faster!

  • Know how to enhance your short nails with semi-permanent varnish

For some women having short nails is a choice! It is possible to have short and well manicured nails with semi-permanent varnish. In any case, never neglect your nails, it’s a daily job to have beautiful hands.

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  • Choosing the right color of semi-permanent varnish on short nails

For the color of semi-permanent varnish to apply on your short nails, prefer dark varnish such as cherry red or black. If you are more of a light color then go for pastel shades like pale pink.

  • Properly apply semi-permanent nail polish on short nails

First, you will have to apply the semi-permanent nail polish without touching the edges! In order not to create a “shortened finger” effect, it is preferable to apply the varnishes on half of the nail and avoid stretching them towards the side edges.

3 gestures not to do on short nails to avoid damaging them

  • Dont remove your semi-permanent varnish on short nails with your fingers

Removing your semi-permanent nail polish with your fingers also tears small microscopic layers from your nail bed. It will make your short nails dry, soft and damaged.

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  • Dont bite your nails

In addition to not being very aesthetic, biting your nails is not very clean. To avoid biting your nails, a very bad tasting transparent bitter varnish can make you stop the urge to nibble on them!

  • Dont file your nails back and forth

Filing short nails back and forth will create irregularities and ‘stress the nail’. It weakens him. To properly file your nails, you have to always in the same direction when you file them.

As you will have understood, using semi-permanent varnish on short nails is quite possible by favoring certain gestures and taking care of your nails daily. We hope you enjoy this article! In addition to these, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit! To help you in your choice, I invite you to visit our website.

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