How to apply varnish without overflowing?
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Did you apply your nail polish and spilled onto your skin? Do you know how to apply varnish without overflowing? In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will show you how to apply your nail polish without overflowing and without solvent!

Before you start: Prepare your nails

Here are the steps to follow to prepare your nails for varnish application:

  • Wash your hands with warm water to soften them
  • Soften your cuticles with a cuticle cream or oil
  • File your nails
  • Sand your nails so that your polish is smooth.
  • Apply a base coat to have a good adhesion of the nail polish
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The best tips for applying nail polish without overflowing

The tape

The first and easiest trick is to stick a few pieces of tape around your nails. If you overflow, you will only have to remove these bits of tape!


Another tip for applying nail polish without overflowing is to apply a greasy substance such as petroleum jelly to the skin around the nail. This helps prevent nail polish from sticking to your skin.

Nail file

If when applying your nail polish, it tends to overflow on your skin. It does not matter, continue the pose until the end and let dry your varnish. You can then scrape off the dried polish on the skin around the nails with a nail file.

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With glue

The idea is quite simple. Like Vaseline, apply glue around your nails and apply your nail polish as usual. You can then remove the glue.

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