How to choose a nail drill?
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Choosing the perfect equipment for your manicure needs is not easy. In terms of efficiency, electric nail drills are the best choice. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you several criteria for choosing a nail drill.

The type of nail drill

To choose a nail drill, you must determine the use you would like to make of it (private or professional use). You also need to focus your concentration on the solidity and performance of the bits.

The various accessories provided

The Maryton nail drill comes with 2nail bits (1 for metal and 1 for ceramic), 19 sand bands, a handpiece fixture and a handpiece stand. Also included is an USB cable and user manual.

Efficiency and customer reviews

A criterion that is regularly a priority for buyers is the quality of this reference. In addition, motor power and low noise level should also be taken into consideration. However, lightness and ease of use while traveling are also important considerations.

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