How to choose a good electric nail file 2023?
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How do you choose the best nail drill for you? If you’re curious about the answer to this question, keep reading to learn everything you need to know to choose the right one.

Here is the checklist

1. Power

It has nothing to do with rotational speed. And it is generally presented on an electrical file or accompanied by technical documents. It is measured in volts.

2. Rotational speed

If you plan to use the drill primarily on natural nails, a model up to 15,000 RPM is usually sufficient. However, if you plan to use it for acrylic nails, go for a drill that can handle at least 25,000 RPM.

3. Light handpiece

If it’s too heavy, you won’t be able to work quickly and you won’t feel comfortable. Hands and wrists will be sore after a long day’s work with such a handpiece.

Rechargeable Maryton Pro Nail Drills 1,000 ~ 30,000 RPM
Rechargeable Maryton Pro Nail Drills 1,000 ~ 30,000 RPM

4.Choose a low vibration nail machine

One of the most important factors to look for when choosing a nail machine is its vibration power. The lower their vibration, the better your working time will be.

5.Do you want to deal with a lanyard?

A corded model will always be plugged in so it won’t stop in the middle of the manicure, whereas a cordless model (portable nail drill) might last for hours or so before needing to recharge.

6. Forward/backward mode

Doing top-ups and manicures is going to mean having to work both forwards and backwards. This allows you to work in a variety of different directions without having to hold your hand in really twisted positions.

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