Applying gel or semi-permanent varnish with a file
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In addition to filing nails, nail files can also be applied to the application of gel or semi-permanent varnish. Surprising? Keep reading, this article will give you answers.

Some professionals in the application of gel or semi-permanent varnish use the nail file to file a previous manicure. Others favor products that allow the varnish or gel to melt.

As for applying with a nail file, it is sometimes shunned by some since it is accused of attacking the first layer of the nail. It should be noted that well-executed filing removes the color from the varnish without damaging the first layer of transparent varnish.

A trained professional will therefore be able to carry out a file application without damaging your nail and without injuring your cuticles. At the same time, using professional manicure sets can also protect and strengthen nails.

When applying varnish with a file, you will need to polish the nail. To do this, we advise you not to use files with fine grains. There are buffing blocks dedicated to this type of use. They help smooth the nail to give it a beautiful appearance.

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