What nail polish colors to wear in fall?
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Autumn offers a palette of rich and warm colors suitable for creative and bright manicures. It’s also the ideal time to experiment with new color combinations. In this article, nail supply expert Maryton will show you some nail polish colors to wear in the fall.

Return to the earth

Autumn is the season of warm colors, baskets filled with mushrooms, comforting snacks and roasted chestnuts! We delight in deep and delicious shades like shades of brown and beige which bring a touch of warmth to our looks and give us a feeling of comfort and serenity.

Deep burgundies, reds and purples

Emblematic of autumn, the shades of burgundy, purple and deep red evoke the ripe fruits, late harvests and foliage bursting with purple of the season. When it comes to manicures, these colors will bring a glamorous and elegant touch to any fall outfit and will be perfect for all types of occasions: formal, festive or casual.

Variations of greens

Nature and the freshness of autumn are presented around the green of the conifers with evergreen foliage which create invigorating contrasts. From khaki to shimmering fir green and more daring dopamine-charged greens, we dare to use Green Manicures which go wonderfully with the pink-orange shades of the season.

Shades of gray

A subtle blend of delicacy and refinement, the shades of gray in slate or bluish-green tones envelop us in softness and warmth when temperatures drop and the days get shorter.

Iridescent and metallic shades

Copper reflections and plays of light appear on our nails in the fall for flamboyant manicures. Metallic and iridescent shades such as bronze and gold will also be part of your must-haves to reveal the luminous harmony of the season.

Play on variety

Finally, autumn is also the ideal season to vary the pleasures! Find your harmony by choosing the palette that suits you to give free rein to your creativity and enjoy manicures full of colors and flavors!

For an even more subtle manicure, you can choose to use professional manicure supplies in addition to nail polish colors. What are you waiting for? Let your nails be different this fall!

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