What Los Angeles Girls Would Never Wear on a Date
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After asking 10 New Yorkers what they’d never wear on a date, it only makes sense to head west and ask the ladies in Los Angeles to chime in. Style in LA varies anywhere from totally glamorous to effortless and approachable, so we were curious to find out the number one item a range of Cali girls avoid when it comes to dressing for a date. With the results in, it’s safe to say West Coasters like to keep it laidback for their dates!

Would Never Wear: Something too tight, “A girls gotta eat!”

“I hate feeling uncomfortable on a date. I usually stick to my personal style, which is a more on the baggy side. I say, dress for yourself, not for the guy.”

Would Never Wear: A bodycon mini dress and sky-high heels

“There’s nothing worst than pulling at your hemline all night and watching every step because you’re simply uncomfortable in your outfit. Instead, I think it’s much more attractive to wear something that’s cool, interesting and shows off your personality. Not only will you feel much more at ease in your own skin, but you’ll be present and able to enjoy your date rather than worrying about how you look.”

Would Never Wear: Heels 3 inches or higher

“I’m already clumsy enough, I don’t need to teeter around on a date and risk falling. Plus, if I wear anything 3 inches or higher I risk being taller than my date, which I don’t really enjoy.”

Would Never Wear: Something I didn’t feel comfortable in

“Bottom line: I would never wear something I didn’t feel comfortable in. It’s hard enough to put yourself out there, and if you’re not feeling sexy and confident, then why bother putting on the skin-tight dress that you think he wants you to show up wearing? I would rather have a flirty top, jeans and kick ass shoes on feeling my best, than be fidgety all night second guessing my outfit choice. I’m all about trying to make it look as effortless as possible. This little ease of mind will help make the date that much more enjoyable for you and ultimately him!”

Would Never Wear: Birkenstocks

“When I get dressed for a date, I leave my beloved Birkenstocks at home. I feel like LA is so casual I love to take a date night as an opportunity to dress a little more feminine. For me, dressing up for dinner is how I show someone how much I like them!”

Would Never Wear: A face full of makeup

“I want to be attractive to them in my most natural state as that is when i am most comfortable. If he thinks you look great semi- au natural then imagine what he’ll think when you’re dressed up for a night out.”

Would Never Wear: Flats

“While I love a good flat, they are too casual for a date. Heels not only display confidence, they also make you feel confident which is important to make you feel good while on date.”

Would Never Wear: Too much make-up

“I’m pretty simple when it comes down to wardrobe (neutrals and comfort) so when I think about something I’d never “wear”, this counts, right? Ladies, there is big a difference between subtly enhancing your genuine features versus caked on make-up. Anything from colored eye shadows and abstract lip colors to glitter and layers of liquid foundation is a no-no. It takes away from the realness of a woman’s beauty. Men want to believe that their potential lady feels beautiful in her own skin, is fearless and confident without a blanket of cosmetics. Fresh-faced is key aka less is more.”

Would Never Wear: Jeans

“This might sound a bit old-fashioned, but hear me out! I would never wear jeans on a date. For one: it’s fairly well-documented at this point that I pretty much hate wearing pants, so I don’t think I’d be very comfy choosing them for a date. For two: as trendy as denim is in contemporary fashion culture, I think that in L.A., jeans still communicate a very casual vibe. Celebrities run around in super-fly jean styles all the time in L.A., but you’ll notice that it’s mostly during the day! For fancy events and dinner dates, Los Angeles’ It girls stick to dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, and the like. I think I’ll follow their lead.”

Would Never Wear: Animal print

“I’m aggressive enough…no need to look like a huntress!”

Would Never Wear: A large handbag

“Despite attachment to my favorite massive purse, I think it’s best to bring a mid-sized leather clutch along on dates so you don’t have to lug anything around. He won’t wonder about what’s stashed in your heavy bag…only wonder how you stayed glamorous all night with just a few tiny items.”

Where do you live and what would you NEVER wear on a date? We want to know in the comments below!

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