Hybrid TWS Earphone PaMu Slide Launched on Moldac
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Hybrid TWS Earphone PaMu Slide Launched on Moldac

NBA basketball legend McGlady and Augustine’s mvp Kyle Kuzma 2019 summer season recommended, the top US funding Bluetooth earphone Pamu Slide has released on Moldac.com

It is said that the wireless earphones are being reversed, more than 5,500 people apply for joint purchases within 10 days of opening. This sensational popularity is due to the hybrid earphones that meet the needs of both wired and wireless earphone users by co-developing with Qualcomm to combine the advantages of existing wired and wireless earphones to solve battery, sound quality and twisted lines disconnected problems. It is said to be. In fact, unlike the existing products, pamu slide has a high level of sound quality and has been evaluated as a product that is almost uninterrupted even in the subway.

The ergonomic design that does not drop from the ears, enough to wear while playing basketball and a total of six eartips comfortable fit to all the ears of global users. It is reported that they are amazed by the wireless earphone industry officials with the results of completely overturning the existing wireless earphones in a few days.

Pamu Slide supports Qualcomm APTX, support up to 10 hours use of single charge, and wireless backup battery function, and supports CD-quality sound in Melon, Bugs, YouTube, etc. With overwhelming specifications by supporting CD-level sound quality, the existing Bluetooth earphone consumes the power of the smartphone, while the large capacity battery is installed and acts as a smartphone auxiliary battery wirelessly.

Hybrid TWS Earphone PaMu Slide Launched on Moldac

It is overwhelming than other wireless earphones, such as 60 hours playback time, ipx6 waterproof, Qualcomm 8th generation, CVC noise canceling, dual microphones, and independent pairing. Sound quality is also cd, so many wired and wireless earphone users are known.

The padmate official said that 100,000 units were sold and shipped in the United States in 60 days, and that South Korea is expected to apply for joint purchases by nearly 10,000 users, and that it is becoming a nuclear top wireless earphones used by NBA stars. In particular, a lot of examinees and public students who take a lot of lectures before the test said that they are applying. It is known that it is gaining popularity as a nuclear in-ear earphone used by NBA stars.

You can participate in joint purchases now on Moldac. Various Colors can be selected from, such as white, black, and green.

Hybrid TWS Earphone PaMu Slide Launched on Moldac

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