6 essentials for taking care of your nails
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We all dream of sporting pretty manicures that highlight our hands. Beyond the nail polish or the shape of your nails that you will choose, the condition of your nails plays an important role. To achieve this, you must take care of your nails, so we tell you about the essential manicure sets to have.

1. The nail file: beautify and repair your nails

The essential accessory by excellence: the nail file! Made of cardboard, metal or glass, it comes in different shapes, it allows you to define, improve the shape of your nails and refresh the edges. The file also helps you repair your nails when you have slight breaks or splitting.

2. Cuticle pusher: take care of your cuticles gently

Cuticles are the small, thin skins that cover the natural nail. Their role is to protect your nails against the intrusion of bacteria. On the other hand, when they dry out, the cuticles roll up. Use your cuticle pusher!

3. The polishing block: smooth your nails

The buffering block is the accessory that allows you to smooth the surface of your nails. There are generally between two and four sides, all with a different grain to be used successively to first eliminate gross imperfections and then make the nail shine. Polishing refines the nail by removing the upper layers of keratin.

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets
Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

4. The base coat: protect your nails

Any manicure worthy of the name before applying nail polish must be preceded by a base coat or varnish base. It is a transparent base which prepares the nail for applying the varnish by depositing a protective film on the nail. Its role is to protect your nails and care for them.

5. Acetone-free nail polish remover: remove your nail polish without harming

To avoid weakening your nails or even attacking them, opt for a gentle nail polish remover without acetone.

6. Moisturizing hand cream: moisturize your skin

Hydration is important to have a pretty manicure, so remember to apply a dab of moisturizing cream to your hands to keep the skin supple, soft and perfectly hydrated. Especially when you’ve just washed your hands. Your cuticles will also thank you!

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