How to apply white nail polish?
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White nail polish, as a symbol of simplicity and elegance, is a highly preferred nail polish for its easy application and its harmonious attitude with everything.

Before applying the white nail polish, it is recommended to clean the manicured nails thoroughly with acetone. After smooth and soft nails, white nail polish can be applied. Afterwards, the white nail polish should be applied with 3 brush strokes. The white nail polish, which is applied first to the middle, then to the right and left, should then be spread with slow movements from the bottom of the nail to the tip. A single coat of white nail polish will not look vibrant enough. A second coat provides brighter, sparkling and vibrant nails. Applying another coat of polish on it will increase this shine even more.

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It is also possible to make french nail tips with white nail polish. This technique, which is made by painting the nail tips with a dark and matte color white and then the whole nail with a lighter white or the most direct raki white, will add a stylish and ostentatious air to the person.

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