Semi-permanent manicure in summer: yes or no?
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We hope that our nails are impeccable throughout the summer. To keep them perfect without having to constantly touch them up, opt for a semi-permanent manicure. Follow our advice to protect and lengthen your nail polish.

Choosing the right semi-permanent manicure

Since the semi-permanent manicure is so trendy, many people decide to start doing it, without having almost any knowledge of it; if someone does them for you, trust them and with disinfected equipment after each service. If, on the contrary, you decide to make them yourself at home, always choose a brand that offers quality manicure sets, thus avoiding long-term problems.

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Consider the color

It is essential to keep in mind that the sun, chlorine and salt spoil the colors. If you are going to spend a lot of time at the beach or in the pool during your vacation, we recommend using more intense and dark colors such as coral, Ferrari red, pastel blue, emerald green or any fluorescent tone.

Take care of your nails

As we mentioned, saltpeter and chlorine can deteriorate your permanent manicure, as well as your cuticles. So, remember to dry your hands and nails thoroughly as soon as you get out of the water.

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Of course, practice continuous hydration. Use a good hand cream frequently after drying them well. It never hurts to also apply a cuticle oil to care for them, keeping them hydrated and soft, thus preventing them from drying out.

In short: say yes to the semi-permanent manicure. Follow these recommendations and visit our nail supply store online to get the best products on the market at unbeatable prices.

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