How to take care of your press on nails?
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Hello! Want to take care of your press on nails? A press on nails are infinitely reusable if you take care of them and the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to make them shine brightly.

Here are professional tips for quick capsule maintenance:

  • Once you remove your press on nails, do not immediately put them back in their box. Remove the rest of the gel pad which may be stuck under the capsule with the pointed side of the cuticle pusher.
  • Wash the press on nails in a bowl of soapy water with a nail brush to remove any dust and stains that may be under the capsule. And dry with a towel or paper towel.
  • To restore their shine, you can use a degreasing wipe and if the capsules have become dull over time, you can apply a thin layer of classic varnish on the capsule, be careful if you do this technique, the classic varnish does not remove it. with acetone remover, it could damage your capsule. Use acetone-free nail polish remover.

You see, it’s very simple. Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I also advise you to invest in some professional manicure sets to care for your nails.

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