IPX6 Waterproof Padmate TWS Earphones Equipped with Qualcomm Chip
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IPX6 Waterproof Padmate TWS Earphones Equipped with Qualcomm Chip

Lore International’s audio specialty brand Padmate has introduced PaMu Slide, a fully wireless earphone with the latest Qualcomm chip that allows you to enjoy powerful sound.

This product is the earphone that raised the highest amount of 2019 “about 59.3 million dollars, 1st place in the earphone category in the US crowdfunding Indiegogo.

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The latest Qualcomm chip is installed, and the best sound quality is reproduced. A design based on ergonomics that won’t fall off the ears and an excellent fit.

In addition, the waterproof performance of IPX6 rating, which resists sweat and rain, allows for a total playback time of approximately 60 hours when used with a charging case.

It is equipped with a USB-C connector and can be used for over an hour with only 10 minutes of charging. It also has a mobile battery function that allows you to wirelessly charge your smartphone simply by placing it in the case.

PaMu Slide, The Better TWS In-ear Headphones Thank PaMu Scroll

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