Not Enough Money to Buy AirPods? Try These 5 Wireless Headphones Now
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Not Enough Money to Buy AirPods? Try These 5 Wireless Headphones Now

AirPods are the world’s best-selling and most popular top wireless headphones, which is undisputed and has been proven through many achievements from Apple. Not only creating a fever with a specific design, AirPods also opened a new fashion trend, making true-wireless (completely wireless) headphones become an indispensable accessory for public believers. technology when “dressed”.

However, the price as well as the brand position of Apple sometimes make many people falter, do not dare to dream too far away if one day buy shrimp noodles all month against hunger. If you still want to have a pair of stylish headphones that both serve your entertainment and entertainment needs, this is really the time for you to consider the following 5 noteworthy choices, Certainly will not disappoint.

1. Pamu Slide Mini

It can be said that Pamu Slide is the next promising upgrade of Pamu Scroll, connecting the impressive combo sequence of Padmate’s unique headphone case idea when being able to slide out and slide in to open and close the box. Pamu Slide has 2 versions Pamu Slide Plus and Pamu Slide Mini, in which the Plus version has a higher price and the Mini version is shortened, suitable for those who want to save money and still enjoy all the delicious features needed.

The only difference between Pamu Slide Mini and Plus is the size of the charging box and the loss of the slider design, while the sound quality and the accompanying functions are guaranteed intact. This helps to limit the previous drawback of Pamu Slide Plus because the box is too big compared to the usual, it is also square so it is difficult to fit into the pocket of a pants or a purse.

The biggest advantage of the Pamu Slide Mini in addition to the uniqueness is also the time to play music up to 10 hours – a huge number compared to AirPods. Touch to control is also a similar highlight, balanced sound in the bass, mid or treble bands. Overall, the sound of Pamu Slide is easy to hear, suitable for playful genres like Pop, Hip-Hop …

2. Sabbat X12 Pro

It sounds strange because Sabbat is an emerging Chinese audio company, but it has been praised by many people for its quality and the “goodness” of the price. Sabbat X12 Pro is a very successful project of the company when raising funds on Indiegogo, opening the clear spillover effect of public opinion and the love of wireless headphones.

After a while of launching, Sabbat X12 Pro now costs only about 1.2 million VND, but what it brings is not to be underestimated. Many people were surprised to witness the luxurious and elegant style of the Sabbat X12 Pro, along with unique accents that seem to be only available on the upper-class products. Not only the box, the outer cover of each headset is also carefully cared for with a diverse color scheme like a painting. Everything is more appreciated when the X12 Pro is both compact and lightweight, avoiding the phenomenon of ear aches when worn for long.

Ultimately, the power and features of the X12 Pro are also key to its reputation. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 platform enables fast connections while minimizing latency. The total duration of the headset allows up to 6-8 hours, twice as long as AirPods.

3. Whizzer TP1

Continuing to be an emerging audio brand from China, but also not the medium format with the Whizzer TP1 version. The dominant black and gold color tone is the first highlight to the eye, creating a luxurious and elegant impression, all made from plastic to optimize the light weight when worn. However, the decorative gold rims are made from metal to create luster, showing the meticulousness of Whizzer’s investment and appearance. Finally, the entire earpiece frame is covered with a layer of smooth rubber that makes the grip feel smoother, more comfortable and grip.

Another great advantage of TP1 is its IPX5 water resistance, Bluetooth 5.0 platform and up to 5 hours of music playback. Most of the above standards are identical to Sabbat X12 PRro, so you can weigh between these two names. The sound quality of both is considered stable and worthy of the price range, suitable for those who are just beginning to play headphones or do not need too high, too expensive.

4. Skullcandy Sesh

Skullcandy brand specializes in manufacturing audio and music equipment from the United States which is a familiar name to many people, especially in the design features of their modern, somewhat “underground”. Sesh is the 3rd Skullcandy wireless headset model launched in 2019, it is not difficult to understand while keeping the cool as expected. No need for fancy color, just a cool black and gray tone alternating with Skullcandy logo is more than enough to express personality.

However, the sound that Skullcandy Sesh brings has a respectable bass with enhanced bass, which is the tradition of this brand. Moreover, the ear-holding design helps you wear all day long without running, Bluetooth 5.0 and waterproof will be more than enough for audio believers, especially those who love vibrant songs, fast tempo ” rebuking “roof top.

5. Pamu Scroll

Pamu Scroll is one of the more fundraising projects on Indiegogo that makes audio enthusiasts must follow, all because of the unique design for this Padmate carrying case. A glance at it makes Pamu Scroll contained in a … cylindrical scroll, as the name implies. The frame of the headphone holder will fit neatly in the aesthetic of the rolled leather cover. The pattern on the scroll box also has 4 different options depending on each person’s taste, alternating with luxurious metal rim accents.

The indispensable advantages of Pamu Scroll are the auto-connect feature as soon as you remove the headset from the charging box, touch control on the headset frame (without buttons) and the water-proof standard. IPX6. The time of Pamu Scroll continuous operation without charging is 3.5 hours, very similar to AirPods.

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